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Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage and Celtica Kitchens (c) Cameron Pyke 2009 kitchen with flyover cabinets in sixties built town house, built and installed by Celtica Kitchens Victorian style kitchen designed by Cameron Pyke, Celtica Kitchens cabinet front showing cockbeading and lamb's tongue moulding. Celtica Kitchens. cabinet front showing 'flat-frame' style, often described as 'Shaker'; Celtica Kitchens Edwardian or Victorian cornice, Celtica Kitchens Style Options We start with a very simple flat frame format - usually described as ‘Shaker’ by the mainstream kitchen trade. Simple but versatile - add knobs for a country kitchen feel, or bar handles for a more contemporary look. Flat frame can be decorated with cockbeading and/or lamb’s tongue moulding for Victorian and Edwardian settings. Mouse over door  for more detail. There are at least three different cornice profiles available and a wealth of other detail such as scrolled end panels, brackets, pilasters, plate racks and wine racks. See also [ Bespoke Features & Special Items ]   (C) 2012 Cameron Pyke, Celtica Heritage Home  |   About us  |   Celtica Blog  |   How we work  |   Testimonials  |   Contact Price Example  |   Style Options  |   Specifications  |   Birch Multi-ply  |   Bespoke Features Accessories  |   Worktops  |   Privacy & Disclaimer   |   Links & Useful Contacts