Open any cupboard... our customers love the warmth and character of the birch wood grain - real wood with depth and lustre. Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage (c) Cameron Pyke 2009, 2011
Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage and Celtica Kitchens (c) Cameron Pyke 2009 Interior of cupboard showing birch wood grain deep beech drawerboxes in example of lay-on format Celtica Kitchens: view of back of cabinet showing service gap Kitchen cabinet: 'in-frame' with traditional face frames; built in birch multi-ply with hardwood fascia detail of shelf showing oak lipping on edge Celtica Specifications for Bespoke Kitchens Drawer dox with beech sides, dovetail joints, plywood bottom Drawer boxes  have solid beech sides with dovetail joints at all four corners and birch plywood bottoms. Base cabinets have a generous service gap for pipework, accessible through a removable back panel - much appreciated by fitters. ( Mouse over picture ) Cabinet bodies are made of high quality birch multi-ply, finished in hardwearing lacquer. Shelves are edged with solid hardwood, usually oak.  [more…] Cabinet fronts - doors, drawerfronts, frames and trim can be in oak, ash, pine, poplar and other timbers ( from sustainable sources ) finished in handpainted acrylic eggshell, lacquer or hard wax oil. All finishes are renewable and restorable.   (C) 2012 Cameron Pyke, Celtica Heritage Home  |   About us  |   Celtica Blog  |   How we work  |   Testimonials  |   Contact Price Example  |   Style Options  |   Specifications  |   Birch Multi-ply  |   Bespoke Features Accessories  |   Worktops  |   Privacy & Disclaimer   |   Links & Useful Contacts