detail of sink dresser or sink console dresser with platerack from Edwardian kitchen, bespoke design by Cameron Pyke of Celtica Heritage The Celtica Kitchens Service If you would like a designer to visit, we’ll arrange a convenient time. Usually the designer will be Cameron Pyke but there are other associate designers of equal expertise and experience. A first visit normally lasts two and a half hours. You will be able to see a cabinet and other samples. Above all, Cameron will listen to what you want from your kitchen. He will especially value your own ideas. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures in catalogues or magazines of features that you’d like. It’s always a good idea to have these to hand. If there’s building work to be done Cameron may need a copy of the drawings. Once he has taken measurements he will return to the office and draw up draft plans for your kitchen. These will include three dimensional representations to give you an impression of what the finished kitchen will look like (CAD drawings). Cameron will arrange a second appointment to present you with the draft plans and an estimate of the price.  Designs are not always right first time and he is more than happy to make alterations and adjustments. The estimate is as accurate as possible and may vary up or down depending on changes to the design or specifications. We never inflate a price for the purposes of spurious discounting. Once all aspects of the design have been finalised and you are happy to proceed with an order a formal quotation will drawn up. We ask for a 40% deposit upon your signing of an order for furniture. Delivery is normally within six to ten weeks but may be affected by what is on the order book at the time. Installation Fitting is undertaken under a separate contract with a vetted installer / fitter of your choice or an associate installer recommended by us. It is crucial to the success of any installation that the installer carries out a technical survey of the project. This process verifies the design and should uncover any technical issues which might affect the installation. The survey is normally arranged for as soon as possible after an order has been taken.  In some cases we may ask an installer to visit the project site before submitting a final price. Usually the designer accompanies the installer on his first visit. Where granite or similar worktops are specified in an order there may be a pause in the fitting process whilst the worktops are being fabricated.  The Celtica Kitchens / Celtica Heritage Charter We recruit only the best designers, with experience and expertise on a par with principal Cameron Pyke. We understand that your time is valuable and will never outstay our welcome. All visits will be by prior arrangement. We will ask in advance for permission to make phone calls to you. Phone calls will be made at customers’ preferred times. We do not “cold call”. Celtica Heritage staff and associates will be polite, friendly and truthful at all times. Celtica Heritage does not engage in any underhand or coercive sales tactics. Prices given are genuine and never inflated to give headroom for “drop closing”. We expect to win orders as a result of customer satisfaction with the merits of the design (including price), excellence of service and no other reason. We are totally opposed to ‘hard sell’. We associate only with the best installers, vetted by trade organisations and/or references taken from customers and inspection of previous completed projects. Installers will be punctual, polite, work as cleanly as possible and tidy the workspace at the end of each day. Installers will organise their work to ensure the least possible disruption to the customer. Personal Statement from the Principal  I work according to a charter which I rigorously enforce on myself and anyone working for me - see below. I am totally opposed to ‘hard sell’ practices. We have always been able to win orders by demonstrating quality of product and excellence of service. I hope you will become one of the many customers who are happy to give us their personal recommendation. Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage (c) Cameron Pyke 2009, 2011
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