Accessories However traditional your kitchen, it can still benefit from practical modern accessories.  Activity in the contemporary kitchen goes hand in hand with recycling and this needs to be considered in the overall planning. There are many excellent recycling bins and other products to help you. detail of bespoke handpainted kitchen,  designer Cameron Pyke of Celtica Heritage, recycling bins pullout in kitchen island kitchen island with granite worktop from bespoke handpainted kitchen designed by Cameron Pyke of Celtica Kitchens, from Celtica Heritage on Kitchen accessories page. Manual corner cupboard wirework solution, more robust than magic corner from Kitchen designed by Cameron Pyke of Celtica Kitchens,  Celtica Heritage pop-up socket shown closed in minimalist kitchen pop-up socket shown raised in white solid surface worktop Pop up power supplies are neat and practical. They can help provide more outlets without disrupting tiling. Wirework pullouts help make the best use of storage space in corners - always an awkward area. Larger pullouts in larder cupboards give instant access to the entire contents. Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage (c) Cameron Pyke 2009, 2011
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