Celtica Kitchens is owned and managed by designer craftsman Cameron Pyke. Cameron comes from a family background of architects, craftsmen and engineers. He is a well established designer in South Wales and the M4 corridor. Much of his work is by recommendation. He has a natural talent for design and an acute sense of style and proportion. He is an accomplished and experienced builder and installer of kitchens and fitted furniture.   Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage (c) Cameron Pyke 2009, 2011 bespoke kitchen designed by Cameron Pyke of Celtica Kitchens, Celtica Heritage. Handpainted with island, granite worktops, walk-in corner cupboard, plywood cabinets We design, build and install durable, workable, individual kitchens that are affordable and respect the environment. Celtica Kitchens opposes the ‘throwaway’ culture of the  kitchen industry.. Enormous quantities of kitchen furniture go to landfill every year. Constant kitchen replacement uses resources on a massive scale with emissions from manufacture, installation, and the use of emissive materials. We believe that by installing durable and restorable kitchens at a reasonable price we can begin to address these problems; that longlife installations benefit the customer and protect the environment. Apart from that...real wood furniture looks, feels and even smells right. It wears well and ages gracefully, bringing a sense of permanence and comfort to the home.
Kitchen in Edwardian / Shaker style Darron the Dragon logo: Celtica Heritage and Celtica Kitchens (c) Cameron Pyke 2009   (C) 2012 Cameron Pyke, Celtica Heritage Home  |   About us  |   Celtica Blog  |   How we work  |   Testimonials  |   Contact Price Example  |   Style Options  |   Specifications  |   Birch Multi-ply  |   Bespoke Features Accessories  |   Worktops  |   Privacy & Disclaimer   |   Links & Useful Contacts